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Safety Data Sheets

Click on the relevant category and select the product to view or print the Safety Data Sheets.

For example, Thick Bleach - click on Housekeeping / Thick Bleach 2 x 5ltr.


Product User Guides (PUGs)/
Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
CRG1026  Air Freshener - Lemon 12x400ml
CRG1027  Air Freshener - Cranberry 12x400ml
CRG1042   Air Freshener - Pot Pourri 12x400ml
CRG919   All Purpose Polish 12x400ml
CRG902  All Purpose Cleaner 2x5 litre
CRG911  Thick Bleach 2x5 litre
CRG988  Bleach 2x5 litre
CRG708  Wax Free Furniture Polish 6x750ml 
800-300-7344 Laundry Powder Non Biological 6.8kg
800-300-7342  Laundry Powder Biological 6.8kg 
800-300-3492 Laundry Powder Dual Action Biological 6.8kg
800-300-5637  Fabric Conditioner 3x5 litre

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