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Pickles and Relishes

  Pack Size
Capers in Brine 3 1kg
Cocktail Gherkins in Vinegar 1.48kg
Large Gherkins in Dill Vinegar 2.3kg
Mixed Pickle 2.25kg
Pickled Onions 2.25kg
Pickled Red Cabbage 2.25kg
Pimento Stuffed Olives in Brine 3 1kg
Pitted Green Olives in Brine 3 1kg
Silverskin Onions 2 1.48kg
Pickled Sliced Beetroot 2.25kg
Piccalilli 2 2.4kg
Sweet Pickle 2 2.4kg
Pitted Black Olives in Brine 1kg
Whole Glace Cherries 1kg
Burger Relish 2 2.25kg
Mango Chutney 2 2.8kg
Salsa 2 2.25kg

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