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Flour and Flour Based Mixes

  Pack Size
All Purpose Pastry Mix 4 3.5kg
Carrot Cake Mix  3.5kg 
Chocolate Sponge Mix 4 3.5kg
Crumble Mix 4 3.5kg
Ginger Sponge Mix 4 3.5kg
Scone Mix 4 3.5kg
Scone Mix 1 12.5kg
Shortcrust Pastry Mix 4 3.5kg
Sponge & Pudding Mix 4 3.5kg
Sponge & Pudding Mix 1 12.5kg
Suet Pastry Mix 4 3.5kg
White Bread & Roll Mix 4 3.5kg
Plain Muffin Mix 4 3.5kg
Chocolate Muffin Mix 4 3.5kg
Pizza Base Mix 4 3.5kg
Plain Flour 1 16kg
Plain Flour 4 3kg
Plain Flour 6 1.5kg
Self Raising Flour 1 16kg
Self Raising Flour 4 3kg
Self Raising Flour 6 1.5kg
Strong White Flour 1 16kg
Plain Wholemeal Flour  3kg 

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